Journey to Sacred Purpose

Journey to discover your Sacred Purpose
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Egypt, Luxor




Journey to Sacred Purpose

We all do have a purpose in life. Although we may doubt it at times, comparing ourselves with the enormity of the world situation, this is a fact – we all have our part to play. We all have a piece of the puzzle, no matter how tiny it is. We all have an element of the solution.

We know this may sound as that new-agey-blingy talk, but just think about it. How would a symphonic orchestra sound without its musicians knowing their partition? Let alone without them even knowing they are a part of an orchestra.

This is where our Journey comes in. You may be searching for your Sacred Purpose, you may be at the point of affirming it, or anywhere in-between – this is a Journey for You, fellow Seeker. Insights and help will be provided for you to take back into your daily life, forever serving you and everyone you get in touch with. For each of us finding our way into the Light of Knowing, the Path becomes somewhat easier for the collective. For each spark of consciousness igniting, we are tipping our world’s orientation towards the Good, the True and the Beautiful. 

Come, join us for a week of discovery, magic, enjoyment and so much more. Each of the Temples we will be entering and each of the Deities we will be communicating with have a particular significance in our quest. We will also have many occasions to get into contact with the contemporary Egyptian lifestyle, tasting delicious foods and meeting with the extraordinary hospitality of its people.

There is only little of it all that can be put into written words, and the only real way of experiencing it is to actually come and try. Nevertheless, we understand that you might have many questions before deciding, so do not hesitate and schedule a skype conversation; we will do our best to respond to any concerns and enquiries. 


  • DAY

    Day 1: Arrival

    After your arrival our representative will be waiting you at the airport/train station or bus station with a sign your name written on it according to the information you going to provide us. He/she will give you brief idea about your program/ itinerary and the introduction about the Egyptian culture and habits.

    Meals: No meals

  • DAY

    Day 2: Edfu, Temple of Horus

    In the ancient times, each Pharaoh had to undergo Horus’ initiation, and indeed become Horus, to be trusted with the governance of the country and its people.

  • DAY

    Day 3: Karnak Temple, Luxor

    Karnak is a complex of Temples, where many Egyptian Deities were worshipped. The biggest such complex in Egypt, it houses many temples and chapels dedicated to Amun-Ra (Sun), Mut (Great Mother), Khonsu (Moon), Isis, Osiris and many others.

  • DAY

    Day 4: Free day

    We will begin our day with a morning meditation, integrating the messages and impressions from the previous two days. Two Temples may not seem as very eventful, but gaining clarity of vision is a process that requires our full participation and we need time to recollect and assimilate.

    As from this morning gathering, you are free to get lazy on the rooftop terrace of our hotel, or undertake some of many activities available: go shopping in the souk in the close vicinity of the hotel, or optionally, visit the West Bank and its many sights and monuments.

  • DAY

    Day 5: Abydos, Osiris Temple

    After a drive through the desert, we will be arriving to Abydos, where a Temple dedicated to Osiris is located. This beautiful Temple was built by Seti I, one of the most prominent Pharaohs, sometime around 1300 BC. Although it is located away from any large body of water, the Temple is inhabited by a presence which can best be termed as an oceanic consciousness, inviting us to enter into a tranquility found at the very center of our Being.
    We will then check-in into the “House of Life” hotel, where we will spend the night before continuing our travels.

  • DAY

    Day 6: Dendara, Temple of Hathor

    We are again taking the desert road, this time to reach Dandarah, the location of the exceptionally beautiful Temple of Hathor. Surrounded by thick and high walls, this Temple is a place of peace and serenity that only a Goddess of Love Medicine can radiate so powerfully, even after millennia upon the last official ritual worshipping Her sweet and potent vibration.

    In the afternoon, we will be driving back to Luxor, and check back in into the Nefertiti Hotel.

  • DAY

    Day 7: The Nile

    After a morning integration meditation, we will scatter until afternoon, when we will embark a felucca for a ballad on the river. Felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat, used in Egypt, Sudan and east Mediterranean countries. Its slow pace, completely dependent on the power of wind and water offers a perfect chill-out experience, away from the city.

    Once that Sun has set behind the mountain, we will be heading back to the hotel.

  • DAY

    Day 8: Luxor Temple, Luxor

    The day will be mostly free, again until late afternoon. Among options available (price and schedule upon request) - you can take a hot-balloon ride, and watch the sunrise from the heights above the West Bank. You can also go for a tea at the very posh Winter Palace, where people like Agatha Christie, or king Albert 1st would stay when coming to Egypt. Do not hesitate to enquire about these and other activities.

    Just before sunset, we will be going to the Luxor Temple.

    Back in our hotel, we will dine together on the rooftop terrace and celebrate the completion of the Journey into our own Hearts. Knowing that we can always come back into the embrace of the magic of Egypt – be it physically, or in thought – we will salute in gratitude all beings who participated and contributed to this full-of-wonders experience.

Trip Overview

  • Extraordinary experience
    Visit Egypt as it should be, by connecting with its ancient civilization and spirituality.

  • You never meditated?
    Not a problem. The effort is minimal, you are guided all the time. Plus, this is your occasion to get initiated.

  • Experienced meditator?
    You then already know that meditating in places of such high vibration is a marvelous experience.


  • Guided meditations
  • Egyptologist guide
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  • Lunch in day 2 and day 6


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  • Any personal expenses

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We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while travelling, for the safe keeping of your passport, air tickets, cash and other valuable items. In case of going to your activity please keep your valuable stuff with you not to leave them in your car, please leave them in your safe box in your hotel. Your personal belongs it's your full responsibility. Please make sure to not listen or accept any invitation for a drink or so from a stranger in the street, it's always end up with a problem, have fun with your travel mates and your local friends. In case you would like to buy something or make shopping please get the best advice from your group leader or tour guide to avoid any misunderstanding.



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We recommend you to carry on your pocket daily from 20 to 50 USD or what equals in EGP, depends on your personal needs, please consider your own spending habits when it comes to allowing for drinks, shopping and tipping, please also remember the following specific recommendations when planning your trip, also many places in Egypt are not accepting credit card but only in cash.




Eating is a big part of traveling fun and get to know country's culture. Travelling with Aladin tours will experience a lot of different local type of food which we include everyday lunch in your program with variety of different local meals. Most of the time dinner are not included which we give you more flexibility in deciding what and with whom to eat. It also gives you more flexibility in your budget, the food generally is cheap in Egypt. Our groups tend to eat together to let you enjoy each other's company. Your tour leader will be able to suggest the best of all restaurants during your trip.

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Please make sure to attach your passport copy with your final confirmation in order to book the flight tickets. Internal flight tickets are issued locally and will be given to you prior to the flight departure. Domestic carriers for internal flights in Egypt will be Egypt Air or Nile Air. Flight information will not be available until a couple of days prior to the tour departure. Contact us for more details on your flights. The domestic flight maximum weight allowance is 20 kg.



Tipping in Egypt known as “baksheesh” is a way of life in the Middle East. Locals themselves usually tip who provides them with service.  It is customary and even expected to tip small service providers. To make things as easy as possible and avoid hassling, Aladin tours has developed a tipping attitude where your tour leader will collect a contribution from everybody at the start of your tour and use this to tip anybody who has provided services to the group as a whole. A guideline for tipping is minimum $4 USD per day per person, you can pay in USD or the equivalent local currency (preferably local currency). If you feel that any service provider failed in maintaining or delivering good service, please bring it immediately to the attention of your tour leader to be able to improve our service partners and so a deduction of tips can take place. To not confuse you how much to tip the Tour Guide so we suggest you tip minimum 3$ per person per day, and at the end of the day it's not a mandatory option.

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